Sunday, December 6, 2009

yesh its true..i miss you sayang..
even though we r not together anymore im still miss you like crazy..
not when we r apart drEam about u is tHe only thing that i can do syg!
i cant call you
i cant text you says that i miss you n waiting for ur reply
i cAnt do anything syg!
i cant...
missing you make me suffering...
i hate this feeling..
but if this can make ur smile all daylong
im willing to do it just FOR MY BUNCHIT...
im willing to do anything for u baby
even thOugh end of the day its me wHo suffer...
i miss you soooooo mmmuuuccchhhh...

miss your kiss
miss your hugging me
miss you to call me gemok
miss you to says that i love you

why u make me this way dear??
where did i go wrong??

1 comment:

  1. i noe i cant call u sayang anymore..
    but i just miss it you..