Monday, December 7, 2009

i just cOme back fRom office....

i just get back from works..
soo daymn tired...
it monday && its a busy daymn2 day!!
im soo sleepy..
& hungry a bit..
but my parent r not home so im alone..
so i cant slEEp..

today i msg "him" and said that i miss him..
and i get a good fedback from him..
im quite happy but just happy
not like before im gonna melompat2
when he call me..
now everything cool down already..
i now cant face the fact already..
that whatever it is he just not mine..
no mater what
kLau da xder jodoh nak buAt cam ner kan??
buat aper pon da xdermaknenyer...
soo now i quite strong to face the fact...
thxx shafiq ali cause you have make me this way....

theres a quote says that
behind every beautiful
theres adumbass guy
who did her wrong
and make her strong...

so there quote is true..
u r the dumbass guy
who make me wrong && strong!!

sometimes i felt that loving u and giving u all
my heart and life is the biggest mistake
ive made in my life...
i do regret but i already did it..
thxx cause make me this way you...

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