Wednesday, March 17, 2010


this pixca was taking on my bufday..
it was on 15o22o1o!!
it was my 9tenn birth.
me celebrate with amad,darwyis,izzy and syida..
i have a lot of fun with them..
i felt like my world been surround by <3

only there is no shit at all...
but then roughlt around 2 o 3 am
when we at canai i receive a msg from my ex
saying tat hapy 9teen bufday.sory for everything.
sory i cant accept u anymore.
i have my own reason..

fu**** o not???

he ruins my beday nyte

from smiling all the way turn to emo gurl..
suxx neva felt this way before...
weyyy jantan we're done since last year ngok!
xpaya r ko nak anta msg2 cam tuh on my bufday sial..
im not wait for u pon!!there's no point u sent me tat
bullshit msg that ruins my night...
i was so sad reading tat text..
i dunt know y...
perhaps all the sudden i rememba all the promise tat he made
for me for my bufday kot...
but then everything xjadi kan...
he plan it he ruined it
thank you so much for that u.

gimcrack i do fucking daymn appreciate it

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