Monday, December 27, 2010

Year End Financial Problems

Yeah sure a lot of pll facing the same problems like i did.
year end financial problems.when it come to dec a lot of things have to pay man.shit!im seriousla under cronic depression!omg!sometimes i wish i can rob a bank.just to settle my debt.honestly im gettg crack.i have to pay roadtax insurance fuel house and lot more.if i do a list it will not be enough.arghhh what a life for a 19 years old girls.
sometimes i feel like am too young to face all this thing.most of girls at my age now are enjoying their life with lepak there lepak here have fun there have fun here becinta there bcinta here.shit!best gila hdup mcm tu.tak pya semak hotak carik duit.shit!i miss my school time!arghhhhhhhhhh!tak der ker org yang nak kasi i duit for free??i means " tak der udang disebalik batu" haha proverbs la pulak ! tapi siyesly klau ada org mcm tu awwwww sumpah best gila hidup i !

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